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    Unique opportunities FOR soccer PLAYERS

    The Leading Clubs in the Southeast Join Forces to Change the Soccer Landscape in our Region

  • Our vision

    We believe in improving player and coach development in the U.S. by developing new player pathways that unite soccer clubs and communities.

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    For Soccer in the Southeast

    Forward-thinking clubs working together by creating an innovative new program for the betterment of the players and the game in the surrounding region.

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    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve Challenges

    We actively support our clubs with strategic thinking and access to collaborative resources and planning.

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    Deliberate Development

    For Players and Coaches

    Exceptional tools, proven methods & focused feedback to accelerate soccer IQ in players and coaches.

  • Meet Our member clubs

    Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our DOCs work together to develop opportunities for member coaches and players. Listed below are founding members as well as I-10 League members.

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    Louis Richard

    Executive Director



    Christian Hatzenbeler




    Frank Casillo


    Santa Rosa Beach


    Andy Warner

    Director of Soccer



    Jona Hammond


    Panama City


    Jhonatan Cardenas


    Ft Walton Beach


    Bill Elliot



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is I-10 Futbol Alliance?

    The Alliance is comprised of some of the Southeast's most successful soccer clubs along the Interstate-10 corridor, and offers access to the Southeastern region's top showcase tournaments. Our alliance offers players the opportunity to compete at a higher level by combining top coaches and top players for top performance. In our first year, we will provide training, registration and entry for 3 elite teams in one Premier Spring College Showcase and one Premier Fall College Showcase.


    2. Why I-10 Futbol Alliance?

    The leaders of these clubs looked at the current and future direction of soccer in the Southeast and the surrounding region and determined the current landscape offered limited opportunities for any single club, but together we could expand those opportunities for our players. This is a radical shift in how clubs operate and more specifically, in how they cooperate. It fulfills an important need in player development and builds a new pathway for elite players by offering a higher level of competition than any single club can typically achieve. By pooling our resources, this alliance produces an incredibly high-quality soccer product that attracts attention from collegiate scouts and coaches. Over time, this visibility and level of competition can bring greater success to all Member clubs and add to the growing interest in player development across the nation.


    3. How much does it cost?

    The Alliance accomplishes all coordination, coaching, registration, and carding of players for approximately $299 per player (may vary +/- $50 depending on event fees). Costs include 3 training sessions with Alliance coaches and a Premier College Showcase event. Hotel and per diem costs for players are not included, but can be coordinated for an additional fee.


    4. How many hours do you practice per week?

    Three training sessions will be coordinated with attention on minimizing impact to previously scheduled Member club events. Practice schedules will be released as early as possible prior to events.


    5. What is the game schedule?

    The Alliance will coordinate with Member clubs and coaches to attend one Premier College Showcase in the Fall and one Premier College Showcase in the Spring with the option for multiple events during the summer.


    6. How do I fit Alliance practice/games into existing play/schedules?

    The Alliance will coordinate with Member clubs and coaches to minimize impact on previously scheduled Member club events such as practices and games.


    7. Do you offer individualized coaching?

    We offer special training to players from a select group of clubs and a reduced player-to-coach ratio. All coaching is done in small group or large group sessions.


    8. How can we be part of I-10 Futbol Alliance?

    The Alliance will scout players from each Member club and based on the needs of each team, will offer high-performing players an opportunity to earn a spot on the team roster. Interested? Ask your coach or director about us.