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4 Key Elements for a Healthy Return to Play in Youth Soccer

By Wendy LeBolt, PhD
Author of ‘Fit2Finish: Keeping Your Soccer Players in the Game

Great news! You’ll be back on the field soon! But what are you gonna find when you get there? A bunch of kids who are ecstatic to be back, just like you, few of whom will have kept fit during the long lay-off from in-person training during the coronavirus pandemic. Noted. But don’t start there.

Start with a celebration

It may be tempting to jump back in with conditioning since that is easy to adapt given phased in regulations. But resist that urge. Instead, make it a celebration. You’ve all been through a lot since the last time you met face-to-face; this is a happy reunion. Spend some time catching up, hearing the stories, sharing the tough stuff. You know, be a team.

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